Is your organisation proposing to make redundancies? 

Read on below for what you need to know. 

Is your organisation proposing to make redundancies? 

If it’s 100 or more at one establishment in a 90 day period, collective consultation must begin at least 45 days before the first dismissal takes effect.

For between 20 and 99 redundancies, it’s at least 30 days.

You will also need:

• employee representatives to collectively consult with - so you may need to hold elections beforehand, which takes time; and

• to complete an HR1.

As well as collective consultation, other factors to consider are:

• Selection of an appropriate pool;
• The selection criteria to use;
• Meaningful individual consultation; and 
• Suitable alternative employment.

It’s necessary to get it right (not just because of the risk of a protective award when collective consultation is needed) but because compensation for lost earnings may be significant given the job market.

If you need professional legal advice from qualified, experienced and regulated employment solicitors on how to run a redundancy process in a way which balances protection for your organisation with fairness to employees, please email Robinson Ralph at, call 0113 212 3240 or book a free, no obligation chat here.

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