Training Testimonials

Bullying and Harassment Training
​​​​​​​"David and Simon delivered a great training session on Bullying and Harassment. It was informative, current and delivered in a great style that was engaging and fun!"

Pragmatic lively EDI training session
"David and Simon delivered a lively EDI training session, full of interaction to highlight some gritty points in a way that could easily have been dull. We had some great feedback internally and look forward to having them back for the next session."

Excellent ER upskiling
"We have just finished our 6 week development programme for employment law and safe to say it was a huge success! The delegates found the sessions informative and said it’s supported them in giving confidence with facing into colleague challenges. Massive thank you to Simon & David, you are both truly brilliant at what you do."

My Wednesday was wonderful!
"I had the opportunity to attend an Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion training session delivered by Simon Robinson and David Sillitoe from Robinson Ralph. The session was packed with great information and lots of laughter, making it an enjoyable and effective way to learn and develop. Investing in training and development is key to building a stronger, more inclusive workplace culture. I'm excited that the other half of our leadership team will have the opportunity to attend the same training session today. Thank you to Simon and David for providing such a valuable training session and helping us create a more diverse and inclusive workplace."

Simon and David delivered a one day ED&I training session to our Leaders and it was fantastic.
"This was the second training session that Simon and David have delivered to our team and they have perfected the ability to ensure that our objectives are met and that all of the delegates have a great time learning. This session provided an overview of the law, lots of great real cases, brilliant scenarios for the team to work through and much laughter. We find this a really effective way to learn and I would highly recommend both Simon and David.”

Very engaging and informative... would definitely recommend!
"We asked Simon and David to deliver some training around ED&I and Bullying and Harassment for up to 30 managers across 2 days. There were a variety of seniority levels within the training groups with some HR team members included as well. The delivery of the topics were brilliantly engaging especially for those who didn't initially have an interest in the subject topics. The topics were kept light, everyone was encouraged to engage, challenge thinking and ask questions and everyone took something away from the session. I would absolutely recommend the training to anyone especially if this is a subject which is not particularly interesting to managers as Simon and David make it engaging and fun!"

Excellent training and development session
"Robinson Ralph have been delivering a programme of training and development sessions commissioned for our manager cohort across the company. We’ve received great feedback from all of the attendees throughout the duration of the programme, and after attending one of our final sessions today I could only echo all of that feedback. Simon and David were knowledgable and delivered an engaging full day session with just the right amount of reference to key employment law considerations, background, case law, whilst still keeping the topic accessible and relevant to the attendees."

Team Development Day
"I’ve worked with Simon and David for several years now, more often than not on ER case management. Today was a refreshing change, a team, development workshop. It was great from start to finish with heaps of laughter! Thanks guys, highly recommend! Until the next time!"

Employment Law Training
"David & Simon provided an excellent and insightful employment law course for our group. It has provided us with relevant and useful information to use in our practises to ensure we are comfortable integrating employment law when needed."

Outstanding and fun experience
"Simon and David delivered our employment law training in an interactive, fun and engaging format. Nothing but positive feedback from our managers who attended."

Energetic, creative and simply brilliant
"Simon and David delivered a bespoke employment law training session to a team of ER specialists with varying levels of experience. The session was delivered with excellent humor, engaging everyone and generating much debate and fun throughout the day (face to face and online). Not your normal run of the mill employment law training session - it really was outstanding and offered excellent value."

Fantastic Employee Relations Training
"Simon and David held an all day training session on a number of employee relations matters for a group of 18 of our senior managers. They were funny, knowledgeable and insightful. The day flew by and the managers have all given brilliant feedback on how much they enjoyed it and also how much they got out of the day. We're very much looking forwards to booking the next one in!"

Employment advice and Training
"We have used Robinson Ralph for over 12 years. Robinson Ralph are my go to option for employment law matters and staff training with their pragmatic advice and down to earth approach. A pure joy to work with."

Manager Training Sessions
"I attended two manager training sessions delivered by Robinson Ralph, covering managing sickness absences and disciplinaries/grievances. The sessions were informative and easy to understand. They were also delivered in a really engaging way. I really enjoyed both sessions and would recommend!"

Manager training
"The manager training held by David and Simon was interactive, fun, informative and altogether really beneficial. Both David and Simon were able to professionally answer any questions directed and were able to give great legal advice. I am looking forward to the next Managers training and would highly recommend Robinson Ralph."

Employment Law Training for HR team & Managers Grievance Disciplinary
"As a team we are all signed into the regular free emails and webinars provided by Robinson Ralph. We wanted to deliver some specific training to our team and reviewed training available from other providers. The style and approach used by Simon and David is so refreshing, it was easy to built a rapport and the information shared was informative and relevant, very well received by the team!"

EDI Training
"Attended a Manager training workshop with Robinson Ralph Solicitors this week. The content and the delivery was informative and impactful, with all of the attendees saying how valuable and enjoyable the training was. The plan is to roll out this training to all of our Managers on the back of this first workshop."

Union Training
"Having recently started working with the team at RR, I am really pleased with the level of support. I engaged with them around delivering training to our Managers/HR/Unions around what makes an effective union relationship! This has been delivered with great flexibility and professionalism! Feedback from all involved has been very positive."

Employment Law Training Session
"We were all extremely pleased with the Employment Law Session that Simon and David of Robinson Ralph delivered to our Senior Managers. The session was interesting, insightful, knowledgeable and delivered with much humour, empathy and lots of interaction to keep the audience engaged. All delegates learnt something that they can take away to help with managing their people. Thank you."

Disciplinary and Investigations Training
"This training has been thoroughly enjoyable for all participants. I have had excellent feedback from everyone who took part in the training session that was delivered. The content itself was very thorough and has given my colleagues a lot of insight into how to improve their daily practices. David and Simon are incredible at delivering these sessions and brought humour to a topic which can be quite a heavy discussion. I would definitely look at more training sessions delivered by them for members of our team."

Pragmatic, Practical, Fun and Bad Jokes a plenty!
"Simon and David delivered some training for us, it was really clear, totally interactive, good fun, whilst still being impactful and educational. Realistic and relevant examples, chances to talk through our live issues in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Cannot recommend these guys enough and will be using them again!"

Training - Managing Investigations, Disciplinaries & Grievances
"Thank you to Simon and David who delivered a full day training session on managing investigations, disciplinaries and grievances to our Team Leaders, Managers and Directors. The content was pitched perfectly and their approach to learning is incredibly refreshing. We highly recommend Robinson Ralph."

Review for RR training sessions
"Great interaction with team-members online, in depth information provided, lots of good real-life examples to help with understanding. Feedback would be to leave enough time for the scenarios at the end because they are super valuable and enjoyable. Thank you!"

Employment Law Training for Managers
"Simon and David recently delivered a great training session on Employment Law for Managers to our team which was both very informative and engaging. Feedback from those who attended has been really good and in particular they commented on the opportunity to develop their knowledge and share experiences."

And some delegate feedback...

"By FAR the best training I've ever had in all my time in HR. Keep up the good work gents!" 

"The course was fantastic and provided numerous occasions for hearty laughter while delivering serious topics. Thank you Simon Robinson & David Sillitoe from Robinson Ralph"

"It’s difficult to know sometimes when to go to HR for input or whether to own a situation yourself as a Manager, as I mentioned yesterday, I left the course feeling more empowered to make decisions. The key learning for me is to act early, don’t let things fester and never turn a blind eye, even if it’s something small, it’s better to have a conversation. Great training course, engaging, funny and memorable for all the right reasons."

"Engaging, and very interactive session, both made the session light hearted, throughly enjoyed it, would HIGHLY recommend!"

"When I first saw the 80-slide booklet on the desk I thought, this is going to be a long day. However, on the contrary, the day didn’t drag at all, and I felt engaged throughout. Both David and Simon require huge credit for making that happen. The whole approach was spot on, and they made a potentially dull topic become interesting and thought provoking. Would highly recommend them to anyone."

“What a brilliant day! The content was pitched perfectly. We all learnt a lot and laughed a lot. Thank you very much to both of you.“

"Thank you for arranging the day and a big thank you to David and Simon. They made what could have been a dull training day, very engaging, informative, and fun. The examples used were excellent and made the day very worthwhile!"

“Thanks for turning what could have been a really boring session into a great one.”

"Agree on all the feedback so far and think a huge part was how engaging both David and Simon were and their wealth of case examples to call on, helped to make the areas covered easy to understand. Also think this session helped empower us as leaders, really helping to make the shift change to us owning these conversations/situations. The culture previously has been that HR handled a lot of these conversations, so great to get this re-focused and really understand ‘the why’ behind this."

"The delivery of the course was done well, bringing a light-hearted edge to a fairly dry and potentially serious topic (I get lots of these type of dry topics in finance!)."

"I thought they made it very engaging. It is an important and serious topic, and they made it lighthearted with their sense of humour. I enjoyed it."

"I’d just like to let the guys know how great the session was! What could have been a boring, laborious “death by powerpoint” kinda morning, was made interesting, fun and entertaining, all the while both remained professional, composed and to the point. I personally got a lot out of it, and really hope the wider group did too."
"I really enjoyed the session. Not only was it very informative and enlightening,  I feel I learned so much in just one morning."
"Simon and Dave did a great job on delivery, making it engaging and extremely enjoyable. So much so, I would pay to watch the pair of them! not laughed so much in ages."
"I found it really engaging and fun, given the topic! Was like watching a comedy sketch, was very funny and I thought the content was very valuable."

"I thought the training today was excellent, really interesting and important content but delivered in a way that made it engaging and easy to absorb."

"It was brilliant such a potential dry subject matter - really brought to life through humour and with also a good balance of serious content and the implications."

"The highlight of my day!"

"Really engaging and delivered at the perfect pace."

"Helped bring to life what would otherwise be a very heavy subject. Knowledgeable and useful."
"The session was thought-provoking and very informative."

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