Special Projects

Employment law special projects can encompass a wide range of initiatives, depending on the specific needs and objectives of the organisation.

Generally, such a project would involve a comprehensive review and analysis of the organisation's employment practices, policies, and procedures to identify areas of potential risk and to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

These initiatives are essential for organisations that want to minimise legal risk, demonstrate a commitment to fairness and equity, and create a positive work environment for employees. 

Regularly reviewing and updating policies, procedures and documents, as well as investing in employees' learning and development, all help to address evolving laws and regulations, whilst identifying and rectifying any gaps or inconsistencies that could lead to potential liability.

Some examples of special projects include:

  • Developing and implementing new policies and procedures to address specific issues or concerns.

  • Conducting training sessions for managers and employees.

  • Workplace investigations.

  • Employment contracts review. 

  • Redundancy planning and consultation.

  • Employee handbook development or review.

  • Policy review.

  • Employment tribunal.

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